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What Users Say

Reports From the Field

"I've begun using the Siga Rissan tape you kindly provided to seal the slab/wall junction in the basement of the home I recently purchased, as the first stage of reducing radon levels. I first put urethane caulk in the crack, let it dry, and then taped over it. The concrete primer went on easily. I noted that it is very hard to get a brush clean after using it in the primer - even though I cleaned it promptly after using it, I think I ruined the brush, as it remained fairly stiff. The tape went on very easily and as you know, sticks really well. The two separate release paper strips are great. It's a great product." 

Marc Rosenbaum South Mountain Co. West Tisbury MA


"The Small Planet Workshop  was great to work with on my order.  In addition to carrying the very high-quality SIGA products, they knew their products well, offered lots of helpful design and usage information, and shipped the products at lightning speed once ordered. My order was on its way to me within hours of my placing the order, and received extremely quickly. Albert was super helpful. I also was able to attend one of their SIGA air-sealing workshops, which was very worthwhile. Hopefully the proof will be in the pudding when we do our first blower-door test."

Rob Dickenson, Eugene, OR


"Hi Albert, I can finally send you a couple of pictures of installation of the SIGA Corvum 12/48 Tape from inside the house around the windows and Floor/Walls. I'm really very happy with the tape quality! I would like also to order today more of it: 1 Box Corvum 12/48, 8 rolls and 1 Box Corvum 30/30, with 8 rolls."  

-Petr Notrovny, Lakeside MT

"When I first saw the tape, maybe Sonya sensed this, but I was skeptical. I figured it'd be more plastic, maybe like housewrap tape, and that wrapping a couple 2" diameter round objects was going to result in a wrinkly mess that would still leak air. But it has a tough, semi-flexible film that allows the tape to stretch slightly at the bird's mouth cuts -- just enough to get the overlap and seal that you need. And it's about as sticky as sticky gets. We were working with it when it was about 35 degrees, which a lot of tapes don't work as well.  So, these were the characteristics that surprised me."  
-Photos and comments by Andy DeRocher Madison WI.
"Albert - you rock! Your products are what's needed for most construction projects these days! Continued success to you, my friend". - John Ketola
From The Green Building Advisor: How to Protect Structural Insulated Panels from Decay. Installation detail with comments by Tedd Benson of Bensonwood. Read here.