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About Us

The Company 

A division of WestCoast Associates Inc. (Est. 1998), The Small Planet Workshop opened in late 2009 in Olympia, Washington to support the growing interest in high performance building envelope construction found in Passivhaus & Zero Energy Buildings. 

We are a company dedicated to the supply, education, and training in the use of energy-efficient building materials and practices. We think that simple air-sealing of the building envelope is one of the most significant energy efficiency targets and well within reach of most building professionals.

The Small Planet Workshop is the first North American stocking dealer of air-tight construction products by SIGA for today's building professionals. We've gone through extensive training and can help you choose the right product for your application and ship it to you anywhere in North America.

As interest in the emerging world of Passivhaus and energy efficient building envelopes has grown, we have too. We have an ongoing interest in in the feild and are happy to have been selected as the regional dealer for Zehnder ventilation systems, Intus Windows, Hanno Band window instalation products, Thermacork 100% natural cork insulation. Agepan high-perm wood fibre boards, Prosoco flashing products, Airfoil airtight electrical boxes, and the publications of the Passivhaus Institut of Darmstadt Germany.

We Seek a Profit by Using a Moral Compass

"It's our opinion that "social responsibility" and a "profitable business" have never been mutually exclusive. We support and agree with new thinking that illustrates that social and environmental issues are, in fact, "market opportunities". Addressing the "issues of the day" is in fact a sustainable & profitable business plan. Read the New York Times Article "First make money, then do good". Think of ecological action and investment as a market opportunity." 

--Albert Rooks, The Small Planet Workshop, President

That's why we import products such as the Swiss Air-Sealing products by a leading European company in air-sealing construction products, SIGA Cover AG. SIGA's products continue to be developed and manufactured in Switzerland where the company has proven to be a reliable partner in making envelopes "air-tight & mold free" for many years. While we hope to find local products, our dedication to building the "brightest and smartest regional building culture" requires us  go where the "innovation happens" and bring back the results. As these products take root in North America, demand increases and local manufacturing pertnerships can begin. However... it all has to start with where the innovation happens.

About the Staff


Albert Rooks: President of The Small Planet Workshop



Albert enjoys traveling and learning the different ways that people build all over the world. From traditional timber frames to ultra-modern Passivhaus & zero energy building, he is continually interested and inspired by various building methods. His favorite raw materials are grown or found in nature, and can be processed into building materials in a way that allows them to be recycled back into the environment without poisoning it. An elegant future is to be found in needing less energy.

 -Albert Rooks
The Small Planet Workshop




Steve Lamberg: Sales and Customer Service

Steve Lamberg is a long time sales professional with WestCoast Associates Inc. He is shifting his time over to help develop The Small Planet Workshop, and our regional knowledge base for heavily insulated, airsealed, and well ventilated buildings. He spent his early years building homes in his fathers Oregon contracting business.  




Sara Gundermann: Office Administrator & Marketing Rep

 Sara heads up the marketing of our newest product lines, from newsletters, blogs, to website building. She creates publication materials, updates web content, and uses social media to help The Small Planet Workshop connect wih customers, and the public, in the most effective way.

Linda Whaley: Passive House Consultant
Linda Whaley is a Certified Passive House Consultant, LEED AP, Certified Sustainable Building Advisor, Window Team Leader and Blogger Extraordinaire for The Small Planet Workshop.
 She has her own blog site: http://existingresources.wordpress.com/ Where sustainable construction starts.